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On-Site Measurement & Quotation


Personalized Solutions for Your Flooring Project

Looking for one place for all your flooring needs? Choose Eco Timberlay! We provide advice on buying, on-site measurements, installation, and technical servicing – a complete flooring solution tailored for you. Trust us for careful planning and personalized recommendations.

Experience Floor Expert & Constructions Advisor

Eco Timberlay, your local flooring expert, invites you to get a tailored quote for your project. Whether you're upgrading or unsure about your current flooring, we provide accurate quantity surveying, cost estimates, and advice on suitable timber types. We prioritize client satisfaction and follow industry best practices for precise project management. Don't hesitate – we're just one call away!


7 Steps: From Inquiry to Installation

Step 1:
Contact Us

Research your wear requirement. Reach out to our team through phone, email, or our website to express your interest in obtaining a flooring quotation.

Step 5:
Quotation Preparation

Pick desired flooring. Our team will prepare a detailed quotation based on the gathered information, including material costs, installation fees, and any additional services.

Step 2:
Share Project Details:

Provide information about your project, including the type of flooring, square footage, and any specific requirements or preferences. Share with us your budget range.

Step 6:
Review and Adjustments

We'll present the quotation for your review, allowing room for adjustments based on your feedback or budget considerations. Approval from certain building management ( strata ) .

Step 3:
Schedule On-Site Measurement:

We'll schedule a convenient time to visit your location for an on-site measurement to ensure accurate quoting.

Step 7:
Upon Confirmation

Once both parties have reviewed, adjusted, and agreed to the quoted terms and conditions, we'll proceed with the flooring project and set up an installation day.

Step 4:
Consultation and Material Selection:

Discuss your preferences, budget, and material options during a consultation to determine the best flooring solution for your needs.

Step 8:
Deposit & Pick a Date

The desired flooring will be reserved, and an installation date will be locked in. This practice helps prevent potential conflicts and ensures a smoother and more reliable transaction process until project completion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is on-site measurement necessary for a flooring quotation?

On-site measurement ensures accurate dimensions and conditions of the space, allowing us to provide a precise quotation. It helps us identify any unique aspects that might impact the flooring installation process.

How do I prepare for the on-site measurement visit?

Clear the area of any obstacles or furniture to allow our team unrestricted access. Have project details, including the type of flooring, square footage, and any specific requirements, ready to discuss during the visit.

Can I discuss my budget during the consultation for a flooring quotation?

Absolutely. We encourage open discussions about the budget during the consultation. Knowing your budget helps us tailor the quotation to offer suitable flooring options that align with your financial preferences.

What factors are considered in the quotation preparation process?

Quotation preparation considers various factors, including material costs, installation fees, and any additional services required. It reflects the details discussed during the consultation, ensuring transparency in the pricing structure.

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