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Timber Flooring Suppliers
& Installation service


Timber Flooring Suppliers

At Eco Timberlay, we're your go-to source for high-quality timber flooring suppliers and accessories. We believe in giving you the best materials for your flooring projects. We supply top-grade timber planks, boards, and panels, along with a selection of essential accessories such as adhesives, underlays, trims, and skirting boards.

Timber Floor Supply

Laminate Flooring
Hybrid Flooring
Engineered Timber Flooring
Vinyl Sheets Flooring

Timber Floor Installation

Leave the hard work to us! Our skilled team at Eco Timberlay ensures a flawless and professional installation of your chosen flooring materials. Count on us for a stress-free and expert installation experience that transforms your flooring vision into reality.


Installation Service

Timber Floor Installation
  • Hybrid

  • Laminate

  • Floating / Glued down timber

  • Solid timber (direct stick or top nails)

  • Herringbone / Chevron timber pattern or customize timber pattern

Floor Preparation
  • By Leveler

  • By Batten

  • By Plywood

  • Grinding or sanding

Our Projects


Frequently Asked Questions

What types of timber does your supply and installation service cover?

Our service covers a wide range of timber options, including hybrid, engineered timber, laminate, just to name a few. We source high-quality timber to ensure durability and aesthetic appeal.

How does the installation process work for timber flooring?

Our experienced team follows a meticulous installation process, starting with on-site measurement and preparation. We then install the timber flooring using industry-best practices, ensuring a seamless and durable finish.

Can I choose the timber type for my flooring, and how does it impact the cost of timber flooring?

Absolutely. You have the flexibility to choose the timber type that aligns with your preferences. The cost of timber flooring may vary based on the chosen type, with some being more cost-effective than others. During the consultation, we can discuss the options and their associated costs.

What assurances do you provide for the quality of the timber supplied and the installation service?

We prioritize quality assurance at every step. Our timber is sourced from reputable suppliers, and our installation team consists of skilled professionals. We offer warranties for both the supplied timber and the installation service to ensure your peace of mind.

What should be noted?

The customer is responsible for wrapping/packing furniture and belongings to protect them from dust or damage during the installation work. All valuables should be removed from the site beforehand as we do not take any responsibility.

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